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Visit us and experience the rich history & quiet enjoyment The Geelong Club has been providing Members for 160 Years

The Committee remains absolutely dedicated to the ongoing success of the wonderful institution that is The Geelong Club, and we look forward to welcoming all Members—new & old—into the Club in coming weeks and months.

The Club is conducive of our diverse membership base—including industry pioneers, business leaders, professionals and distinguished representatives from the services, academic & artistic communities.

Providing sanctuary from the hectic world in which we live, The Geelong Club is a place where Members, their families and guests gather to experience and benefit from the rich tapestry of life each individual contributes to the Club.

Together, our Members, Reciprocal Members & guests create an enriching and stimulating environment.


74 Brougham Street Geelong



+61 3 5229 5065


Christmas Break: 19 December – 7 January.

Monday – Thursday Closed (During COVID)
6.00pm – 10:00pm

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